Clearspring Organic Atlantic Sea Salad Dried Sea Vegetable - 25g


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Clearspring - Organic Atlantic Sea Salad Dried Sea Vegetable




Ingredients: Dried sea vegetables: dulse (Palmaria palmata)*, sea lettuce (Ulva spp)*, nori (Porphyra spp)*


Due to the nature of the product, this may contain a trace amount of fish, molluscs and or crustaceans.

Sea vegetables are naturally rich in iodine.

People sensitive to the effects of iodine are advised to seek medical advice before consuming this product.

Clearspring Organic Atlantic Sea Salad is a ready-to-eat combination of three delicious sea vegetables.

They have been carefully selected for their vibrant colour, soft texture and delicate flavour.


To use, sprinkle from the pack onto salads and cooked vegetables or add to dressings, sauces and soups to simply and conveniently add delicious and nutritious sea vegetables to your diet.