Hario V60 Coffee Maker Drip Decanter Set - Black / Glass


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Hario - V60 Coffee Drip Decanter Set

Black / Glass

5 Cup



Hario V60 Drip Decanter Set 02

Want a practical, multipurpose brew method in which you can brew and serve at the same time?, the Hario V60 Drip Decanter is a stylish merger of the iconic Hario V60 and elegant Hario glass servers, allowing you to brew coffee directly into the serving vessel.

Just grind your beans, brew and serve - and look effortless while doing it.

With a capacity of 500 ml, there’s no worry at all about running out of filter coffee!

The matte black ridged V60 cone sits comfortably at the opening of the glass carafe, cushioned by a removable silicone band for heat retention and comfortable handling.

For maximum ease of cleaning, all components are easily disassembled and dishwasher-safe.

This decanter is compatible with Hario V60-02 filter papers which are included in the set.


How to brew with V60 drip decanter

Start by warming up the glass and placing the filter in to the cone.

Add medium grind coffee grounds and pour some hot water in a circular motion, preferably using the Hario Buono Kettle for more control.

After 3 minutes you will be able to enjoy delicious hand brewed coffee.

The V60 decanter from Hario can hold up to 500ml of coffee, ideal for two people to enjoy crisp coffee.


Hario Drip Decanter Includes :

Heatproof Decanter VDD-02B

Plastic Dripper

Silicone Rubber Band

500ml Capacity

Filter Papers


Borosilicate Glassware

Easy to Clean


Made in Japan