Hario V60 Glass Range Coffee Server 360ml - Black Plastic / Glass


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Hario - V60 Glass Range Coffee Server

Black Plastic / Glass



Hario V60 Glass Range Server

Looking for an easy, approachable entry-level server?

The Hario V60 Glass Range Server is a great addition to busy cafes and restaurants who are happy to let their customers handle and interact with their coffees or teas.

With a sturdy, D-shaped plastic handle for precision of pouring, and a matching black lid for heat retention, the durable little server is marked with measuring lines (both in cups and ml) to allow the brewer to focus on pour / drip rate and the drinker to see how much of their delicious coffee is left!



Borosilicate Glass

Plastic Lid

Dishwasher / Microwave Safe


Made in Japan