South Devon Chilli Farm Cherry Bomb Sauce - 100ml


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South Devon Chilli Farm - Cherry Bomb Sauce
Heat of Product : Medium
An explosion of Flavour! 
Heat Rating: 3/10


Ingredients: Fresh Cherry Bomb chillies from our farm (60%), spirit vinegar, a pinch of salt.

Container: 100ml Glass bottle with tamper-evident seal


The fuse was lit on this sauce about 5 years ago, when we set ourselves the goal of creating a medium heat sauce with bags of flavour that we could splash all over everything.

We grow so many amazing chillies in the medium heat range which we sell during the fresh season, chillies with fantastic flavour dimensions, and we wanted to capture some of that in a bottle, to be enjoyed year round.

We decided on the Cherry Bomb chilli for our super versatile sauce because it is the complete package – the Cherry Bomb chilli gets its name from its shape and colour as it hangs like little red bombs from the bush, but we thought it was perfect for the bottle of sauce too – a colourful explosion of fruity flavour with a tingle of heat!