Teapigs Tin Canister 'Everyday Brew' Tea- 20 Temples


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Teapigs - Tin Canister 'Everyday Brew' Tea

These gorgeous storage tins contain 20 tea temples, they make the perfect gift to yourself or for a friend.

Type: Every Day Brew (English Breakfast)

Contents: 20 Temples 

Air-tight clip top seal | not suitable for dishwashers

Height 12cm

Width 10.5cm


How does it taste? A perfectly balanced blend with a malty, zesty, rich strength

Good if your feeling - In any mood, this cup is perfect for any mood any time of day, if you're feeling slightly grizzly, it's a guaranteed hug in a cup! If you're in a brilliant mood, it will make you feel even better - hurrah!

Ingredients -

Dairy free

Gluten free



From Teapigs:

Our signature blend, our daily cuppa, our builder's brew, our Rosy Lee - call it whatever you want but our everyday brew is a top quality take on the ultimate British favourite.

Three delicious teas: a gutsy Assam, a mellow Ceylon and a powerful Rwandan to give a balanced, malty, zesty alliance.


Teapigs ethical scheme:

Teapigs make a donation to the Point Foundation with every pack of everyday brew we sell.

We also match donations our customers make on our website and run regular fundraising efforts.

Thanks to all your contributions, we've raised over £300,000 together and we're keen to do more!